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Goals Book: Embracing Personal Responsibility in an Age of Entitlement with Biagio “Bill” Sciacca

November 2, 2021

Biagio "Bill" Sciacca, known to his friends as "Bill" grew up in the coal mining district of Northeast PA. He holds a bachelors degree in Philosophy and Sociology, and a Masters and PhD in Business Administration.


He taught at the university level since 1982, and, recently retired from a full time academic post at Penn State University. In addition to his academic post, Bill is a serial entrepreneur owning an award winning consulting and training organization, a chain of donut and ice cream franchises, and several businesses in the automotive/car care industry. 

Bill divides his free time between doing research in creativity, Southern Italian cooking, writing fiction, and writing and recording his own songs with guitar. He is also a certified SPIN instructor


  1. That's what made my teaching of economics sexy. The students loved it when I can roll up my arms, show them the scars, because it wasn't just theory. (2:02)
  2. The biggest problem with people speaking in public is they are afraid they're going to make a mistake. It doesn't matter if you have a snack bubble coming out of your left nostril. Wipe it off and keep going. People are concerned about what your content is. Not how you look (20:24)
  3. What I try to teach young executives is that you need to have self-confidence, don't necessarily worry about making a mistake. Worry about doing the best that you can. People will forgive the mistakes, as long as you have the passion and the intellect to back that passion. (23:00)

For more information on Bill Sciacca visit his website

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